ZEN of Homeopathy - Experience RESONANCE | 12-14 June 2015 | Chiemsee - Dr. Paresh Vasani

 12 June
 MAITRI YOGA CHIEMSEE, Breitbrunn a. Chiemsee
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 Joa Na
EXPERIENCE Resonance Homeopathy meets Satsang&Yoga ..we enter the field of energetic homeopathy.. We all are aware of the phenomenon which takes place in therapeutic practise, when vibrating in resonance gives way for the process of healing and development, where healing occurs through loving attention and heightened awareness, which brings light on hidden patterns and unsolved conditions. Here, homeopathic laws are working at a deep level. We do not have to split between what has given reason to stimulate a process - a homeopathic remedy, the resonance in meeting, the resonance with the source - within the consciousness healing and deliberation is facilitated. ..meet the Vital Force within YourSelf in Awareness.. This workshop combines the observing awareness of ZEN, the insights of Yoga and Meditation with the homoeopath’s 'unprejudiced view' and his knowledge about energy patterns in nature - his remedies. Delightfully Dr. Paresh Vasani could be invited to visit Germany and let us be part of his experience - in practical ways - whereas at the same time this seminar is surrounded by a beautiful area and takes place in an atmosphere of love. _______________________________________________ Paresh: "Homoeopathy has offered us am amazing insight into life. Looking deeply at an experience in someone’s life automatically bypasses many filters of emotions and intellect. Zen, as I always perceived the way of my life, offered me the same things in a different view point but I could see that both are speaking the same language. Recent developments in Quantum physics and series of talks from various speakers about the ‘Holographic approach’ showed us the same thing but in a scientific way. Consciousness - as perceived by Quantum physics, Homoeopathy, Spiritual traditions (like Zen or Buddhism, Hinduism or Kabbalah or Jungian psychology - is always ONE, is always the same, there is one truth. ... _______________________________________________ For Registration and more information see: http://www.synergie.de.com/zen-of-homoeopathy.html

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