YRC 2* Cup Show - 30th May, Roundhay (Leeds)

 30 May
 Oakwood Church
 Springwood Road - LS8 2QA - Leeds - United Kingdom
 Jess Main
Saturday 30th May. Oakwood Church Springwood Road Roundhay Leeds LS8 2QA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Varieties Judge: Toyah Leitch Pet Show Judge: Jess Main If you’re worried about coming to the show for the first time and would like a buddy to meet up there and show you around please email yrcpublicity@gmail.com Show Opens: 10.00 Judging 11.00 (rats to be benched by 10.45) Entries to YRCshowsec@gmail.com *Entries close 21.00 on Weds 27th May* Entries: £1.50 per rat (members) £2.00 per rat (non members) Agility and Curiosity 50p each Please download the entry form here: http://yorkshireratclub.org.uk/files/YRCentryform.doc Limited number of hire tanks are available, with or without shavings, or Easibed substrate. £2.00 per tank (members), £2.50 per tank (non YRC members). Priority will be given to new exhibitors. A refundable deposit of £5 is required for hiring tanks. Please book at time of entry. NB: No late entries accepted after the closing date and time and no entries or alterations will be accepted on the day! *Kitten/Rat sales and exchanges MUST be registered.* Registration closes 22.00 Thursday 28th May. Kitten Exchanges: YRCkittens@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that the usual infection guidelines apply. It is recommended that you should ideally leave a two week gap between shows. *Do not bring rats to a show if you have an active infection in your rats or have had any ill rats/unexplained deaths in the 2 weeks prior to a show. *Do not bring rats to a show if you have taken in rats from an unknown source (usually pet shop or rescue) in the last 2 weeks. *Do not bring rats to a show that have been unwell or had surgery recently, are on any medication, don’t cope well with travel and stressful situations, are very old or very young (remember, kittens must be 6 weeks old to be allowed to be sold or exchanged, and 8 weeks old to be shown) or who are not ill but who have have chronic conditions’ e.g. head tilt, recurrent nasal rattle. We ask people to be vigilant and assess your rats health carefully. You can find further information within the guide at: http://yorkshireratclub.org.uk/shows/show-information/infection-control/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following Stalls will be there: Rebel Pretty Fripparies Demented Squirrel Gifts Pepperjem Crafts The Very Friendly Cupcake Company Cosy Beds And Burrows Phoenix Crafts Rat Rations

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