Youth Exchange Energising Bridges!

 23 May
 Brandenburg, Germany
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 Jana Szczepaniak
We’ve got big plans and need you! If you are living in Germany you are probably familiar with some questions of the energy and climate debate, starting with the phasing out of nuclear power. Climate knows no borders and neither does energy and that’s why we want to debate that together with you and Young Greens from Serbia and Georgia. CDN (Cooperation Development Network of Eastern Europe), GRÜNE JUGEND, Georgian Young Greens and Serbian Young Greens are organising Energising Bridges, a youth exchange about climate issues. This project aims to educate about energy and climate issues as well as focusing on learning from each other’s organisations and members and transcending the old borders of east and west. The exchange on climate and climate activism will take place in the German-Polish border region which is also known for its brown coal mining. The project will involve workshops and likely day trips to one of the mines. We also hope to create connections between climate and energy activists and campaigners. If you'd like to go or just want to find out more, have a look on here and fill out the application form Peace & Love The Energising Bridges Prep Team

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