20 May
 Ocean Plaza Southport
 Marine Drive - PR8 1SQ - Southport - United Kingdom
 Siobhan Farnell Asm
I am delighted to share with you we will have 3 guests at our Your Avon Meeting in Southport on Wednesday 20th May, Julie Ellis our Division Manager from Merlin Division, Sue Bossart our Region Manager from Eagle Region, and Darren Spragg, Head of Marketing and Activation from Head office. We may even be able to get some inside info on products coming soon from Darren! The Your Avon Meetings are nice and informal and are a great way to learn more about earning extra with Avon. We have new Representatives, established Representatives, President's Club achievers and Sales Leaders attending each campaign so a good combination to be able to share and gain ideas. If you've never been before please come along we'll make you feel very welcome. You're welcome to bring a friend along with you too (even if they're not an Avon Representative - they may decide to become one and you could qualify for the £90 Recommend a Friend Pack). I'm sure this will be a popular meeting with our guests attending so please do let me know if you are hoping to attend so I can ensure there are enough seats for everyone. For our Representatives who have attended previous meetings if you can e-mail me feedback of the success you've had from tips/ideas you've picked up that would be very helpful. I know Jane Lawrence did very well after attending just 1 meeting and gained an extra 10 new customers in 1 campaign after recanvassing her roads - well done Jane. Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing you. Wednesday 20th May - 10am - 12noon (please arrive between 9.45am-10am for a prompt start to the meeting) Brewers Fayre, Ocean Plaza, Southport If you are unable to make the daytime meeting in Southport we do have an evening meeting on Monday 18th May 6pm-8pm (please arrive between 5.45pm and 6pm) The Fiveways, County Road, Ormskirk Many thanks

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