You Are The Joy That You Seek. Final Glasgow Introductory Advaita Vedanta Talk.

 18 May
 155 Carsaig Drive, Craigton, Glasgow, G52 1AS
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 Ganga AdvaitaVedanta
This is the final talk in the series of planned exploratory evenings classes in Glasgow. Attendance will be used as a gauge of interest and potential commitment for starting a regular course of classes. For the classes to begin we are looking for around a dozen people willing and able to attend and to show a readiness to embark on this journey of regular fortnightly Monday evening classes within Glasgow. Should this not be the right time for such a course to get started, those interested can attend Edinburgh classes and/or arrange for one of the few remaining places on the October 23-25th, 3 day intensive retreat (please see the event pages below). To register and for venue details please contact Liz on 07790227447 or Ananda on, 07847 841 819 What is Advaita Vedanta? The ancient wisdom of the Rsis of India reveals the nondual reality of total freedom (moksa), the ultimate goal of all human beings, as being the very nature of yourself. This vision has been passed down from teacher to student from time immemorial. The format involves listening to the teacher unfold the meaning of the Vedas, through a series of classes. These teachings methodically lead the mind to arrive at a point where it cannot help but see the reality of who you are. Who is it for? • Anyone and every one • The spiritual seeker (mumuksu) may have come to the understanding that there is more to life and is ready to explore the truth of their reality. • Those of any or no religion (the Vedas have been sustained by Indian tradition, however the teachings are open to all.) Why should I come? • This is the first teacher of the lineage to begin regular classes in Scotland. • The introductory classes may lead to a series of closed classes in Glasgow. • You must attend at least one introductory class before attending the series. • If you have missed the start, you will not be able to join the series of classes. • Each introductory talk is different and so suitable for everyone. Who is the teacher? • Ganga was born and raised in Scotland and returned here in 2013, after completing a three and a half year intensive with her teacher in India. She has been studying Vedanta over the last 15 years and has been teaching for the last year in Edinburgh. Who is the teacher’s teacher? • Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati stands out as a unique contemporary Classic Master with the genius to communicate the deeply rooted Vision of Vedanta, arising from a scholarly study of Sanskrit and the traditional texts, in the language of today. What does it cost? • No cost can be put on these teachings- they are freely available to all. • Donations are welcomed as they are crucial to sustain the ongoing teachings in Scotland. Suggested donation; £10/£7 concession. Where do I find more information? • See • Contact Ananda:, 07847 841 819 • Contact Ganga Advaita Vedanta in a private message

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