Yoni Yoga - Sydney BLISS Session with Roxanna Minnona

 20 May
 Leela Studios
 3a Victoria St - 2021 - Paddington - Australia
 A Tantric Life
Yoni yoga is a healing of all it means to be woman. From an internal perspective we explore our "life force energy" otherwise referred to as sexual energy. Our modern world has us in a perpetual cycle that is often out of tune with 'who we really are" and 'how we are designed to function'. This places enormous stress on our being. The key is re connecting to our powerful, blissful life force energy! When we are deeply connected to ourself, trust is no longer an issue. Living form that deep state of peace, love and ease has a power like water over stone. It moves mountains! . By bringing more awareness to our inner world, we begin to increase our energy field and it becomes easier to live in alignment and harmony with ourselves. Accessing a more Effortless ability to create everything we want. As we open up to and embodying our sexual energy, We open up to the deeper truth and wisdom of your hearts in a way that resolves conflicts, heals issues in our daily life and increases our confidence, self love, sensual pleasure and joy for life. If you are unfamiliar with these ideas, to ease your insecurities or fears that could arise... there is no nudity, touch or anything of that nature, it’s about internal awareness, healing and expression. Expansion. Come and join us for the deeply rejuvenating, life altering, bliss full evening. Testimonials: What others are saying about the Day for Women “I am so profoundly shifted and cannot express how beautiful and centred I feel. I met my true self on the weekend after 30 yrs of searching outside mysefl - I can feel her power and grace deep within my core with passion and pride. You are an amazing woman and your work is a true gift to humanity. I would love to collaborate with you at some point in our journeys and know I am always here for you. I am so crazy grateful for this gift you have given me Roxy - that you were able to see through my mask and honestly hold up the mirror so I could see deeply within and reclaim her. "I felt very happy during the time together because even the postures seemed easy to follow, they moved a lot of energy and ideas and experiences inside myself. ( in a very kind way). I'm practising the "innocent" exercise that you sent: wow !!! It's so difficult to stay in my body and feeling ( i'm always entertained with mantras, breaths, taught, fantasy , inner conversation, visualisation etc ) Thank you for letting me know how disperse I am within myself. It’s a good insight to make a shift. (Sandra, Argentina) " Very little of our training in life ever addresses sexuality, Roxy approaches this taboo and sometimes intimidating or confronting topic with great warmth, sensitivity and remarkable insights. It has helped me strip back the layers, the same way we do with our studies in Steiner teacher training, however it focuses around restoring femininity and sexuality. This creates a foundation and an openness, and be available to birth that which is of truth and our own Divinity. Very powerful necessary work in these times." PLEASE NOTE: No Experience Necessary Date: Wednesday 20th of May, 2015. Time: 6-8pm Where: Leela Studios, Paddington. Investment: $47 per person. REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL This will sell out, so book in now to ensure your place. To ensure this experience is intimate and conducted in a safe and supportive space, numbers are limited so you are encouraged to secure your spot early. More about Roxanna Minnona. Roxy is a mentor, facilitator and creator of DANCING THE DIVINE 9 month Initiation Course This journey facilitates women in accessing their authentic expression in life, beyond the mind and personality, direct from the divine. She believes that our sexuality and our divinity is one and the same, and when we access this eternal spring of life force and allow it to live through us, it naturally restores femininity in women. Fresh from the Byron Bay Sprit festival and present on the Surfcoast for a short visit in May Roxy is offering a series of Traditional Tea Ceremonies and limited spaces in her Awaken the Divine 1 day workshop. More details about the 9 month mentoring course which can be viewed at www.atantriclife.com.au http://www.atantriclife.org/#!dancing-the-divine-/cqm1

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