30 May
 St Clements, Jersey
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 Yoga Pulse
DEEPENING IMMERSION FIVE: focusses on applying the Seven Universal Actions of Yoga Posture Praxis by way of the Dynamics of Integrity to a range of deepening postures. These include backbends and simple arm balances for strengthening and integrating the body, and inversions for refining neuromuscular integrity and deepening internalisation. This immersion is open to anyone, teachers as well as practitioners, interested in developing deep biomechnical integrity for application in more challenging postures. Based entirely on action and experience, the Dynamic Yoga Immersions constitute a comprehensive grounding in yoga posture practise that can serve as a powerful basis for both satisfying self-practise and effective teaching. Led by Senior Dynamic Yoga Trainer Olivia Crooks. The Immersion Modules are open to those who would like to deepen their understanding of yoga practise (which includes those even beginning their journey of yoga) and to those wishing to teach (or already teaching) yoga.

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