Yoga Holiday in Spain from 3rd to 9th June

 03 June
 Playa De La Mata Costa Blanca
  - 03188 - Torrevieja - Spain
 Sri Anand Ananda
Yoga Holiday in Spain from 3rd to 9th June This area of Spain with its warm/hot climate and some 340 days of sunshine a year and the nearby salt lakes has been decreed as the healthiest place on the earth by the World Health Organisation. Facing North East on the end of the block the balcony has the sun in the morning, late afternoon and evening with some welcome shade in the heat of the day. There is a communal solarium on the roof & a landscaped garden for the dedicated sun worshiper. On this holiday you will be having a lot of free time, plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beaches and the Sun and also you don`t have to take a break from your regular yoga practice. You will have 2 yoga classes / meditation a day. You will arrive on the 1st of June anytime in the afternoon, and we begin classes that night. You will leave on 8th of June in the morning depending on the schedule of your flight. Included in this retreat are: 7 x energising morning vinyasa yoga 7 x afternoon classes (recovery yoga, pranayama and meditation) 7 x breakfast 1 x massage to help get the toxins out of the body 1 x reiki healing treatment 1 x karma astrology consultation. The whole week will cost you not more than £300 To book your space please email to: Ananda is a Yogi, international speaker and visionary. He has worked tirelessly towards the physical, mental and spiritual well being of humanity through powerful yoga and tantra programs and volunteer run public service projects. He embraces the perspective of a holistic energy educator for last 30 years in more than 50 countries around the world.His unique sessions and couple harmony training have transformed the lives of many men and women. He conducts regular workshops and retreats for men,women and couples on breathing rituals,Sacred Sexuality, Intimacy and Relationship issues. Working as Clairvoyant and Psychic distance healing medium he also offers online Karma Astrology consultations. Welcome to The Bio-Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation Transformation of the self is the key to personal happiness and spiritual evolution. Spiritual Bio-Alchemy is a process that uses your mind, heart, body and soul to work with the deepest essence of the purpose of your life on earth, to manifest the life that you are truly longing for. - Deep understanding of 9 stages of life in relation to Soul journey (Past, present and future associations) - Alchemy-Way to overcome karmic energy barriers becoming one with cosmic self in this life time itself - Bio Alchemy-Telepathy, Sacral healing, Clairvoyance Chakra therapy - What is chakra - Locations of chakras - Why is it important to keep the chakras in balance - Symptoms of chakra balance and imbalance - Different techniques (meditations, asanas, pranayamas, mantras, mudras) to purify and balance chakras We will also discuss the following questions: Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Why do I always find myself in the same situation - again and again? How can I improve my financial situation? How to connect to my soul mate? Testimonials after the last session with Anand Cant wait til the next session. I've travelled to many centres and countries over the past decades to learn vedic wisdom, and to find Anand teaching right here where I now live ... It was such a joy for me to find another traditional teacher of the vedic wisdom. His humour, sensitivity and perception made his teachings all the more enjoyable. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears.... Maybe there are many of us who are now ready as this wise, perceptive and humourous teacher has come to us. Shakti Sue Friston -Yoga teacher Vedic student for 28 years I found Anand very easy to talk to and felt that he has a wide knowledge of the spectrum of Indian philosophy and a keen and practical understanding of the interplay of female and male energies. Our session was an enjoyable mix of talks and meditation excercises. I have no hesitation in recommending his workshops. Matthew Bragg, Shropshire, TM teacher for 37 years I came away from Anand's workshop feeling wonderful. Full of wonder of how easily, with simple exercises he had produced a deep sense of peace and flow for me. And although I have practised yoga for many years found his facilitation contained new words of wisdom, I had not heard before. These now sit comfortably, like sparkling little gems, within the fabric of my own life's understandings. I am very grateful and glad I decide to attend. Namaste, Barbara Osbourne, Birmingham, a TM teacher since 1983

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