Yoga for the Mind: Self-Knowledge & The Work of Byron Katie 6 week series

 15 May
 Prana Yoga Studio
 #203 18332 Lessard Road - T6M2W8 - Edmonton - Canada
 Isabelle Addison
In this 6 week series beginning Friday May 15, you will learn how to address and heal any stressful thought, whether it’s a momentary irritation or a decades-held pattern of belief. The Work of Byron Katie is a profoundly effective yet simple tool that the mind can use to end its own needless stress and suffering. Experience another form of yoga – a yoga for the mind – that will support your thinking peace. No prior experience is required. Please bring a notebook and a pen. People who do The Work as an ongoing practice commonly report: - Alleviation of depression: Find resolution, even happiness, in situations that were once debilitating. - Decreased stress: Learn how to live with less anxiety or fear. - Improved relationships: Experience deeper connection and intimacy with your partner, your parents, your children, your friends, and yourself. - Reduced anger: Understand what makes you angry and resentful, and become less reactive, less often, with less intensity. – Increased mental clarity: Live and work more intelligently and effectively, with integrity. - More energy: Experience a new sense of ongoing vigor and well-being. - More peace: Discover how to become “a lover of what is.” Isabelle has been using The Work of Byron Katie since 1999. She has attended four 9-day Schools for the Work with Katie, two of them as staff. Since 2009 she has offered numerous workshops, daylong seminars, private sessions, and on-going series that help people learn how to end their own suffering through self-inquiry. Cost for the 6 week series: $81 + gst To register: call Prana Yoga Studio on 780-761-2226 or visit: (scroll down for Yoga for the Mind)

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