Yoga and the Naked Voice with Morven and Tim

 17 May
 Ashley Vale Action Group and Wildgoose Space
 228, Mina Road - BS2 9YR - Bristol - United Kingdom
 BristolCommunity Yoga
Morven Hamilton and Tim Chalice invite you to connect to your body and free your voice in this three-hour workshop at Wildgoose Space, St Werburghs 17th May 10am - 1pm Yoga, voicework and chanting The combination of Hatha yoga and Naked Voice work will help you to listen to the natural intelligence of your body, to make way for your inherent creativity and develop the tools to bring your beautiful voice into the light. This workshop is open to anyone who has an interest in discovering the potential of their voice, you don't have to have any singing experience in order to attend. yoga The workshop will begin with a full Akhanda Hatha yoga practice with Morven, especially designed to free the breath and the vocal chords, and to balance the sacral and throat chakras which govern creativity and self-expression. We will practice postures to ground and stabilise the body and open the chest and throat. The yoga session will include sounding and pranayama, and guided sitting meditation which will help to open you to the potential of your voice. naked voice "The Naked Voice is your original voice, fully-embodied, naturally-expressed, and free of self-consciousness. It is your authentic sound, as unique as your DNA or fingerprint." - Chloe Goodchild Tim Chalice, voice guide and kirtan practitioner will lead you in voice work which will unlock the potential of your voice, and bring your unique sound into the world. Working in a supportive environment you will be invited to do simple, accessible, fun exercises to explore your sound. In Tim's words, "Although I had already been working with voice, sound and healing modalities nothing prepared me for the intensity of this profound experience. I accessed sounds and a voice inside me that I had never heard before. It also touched something very deep within me and I felt a powerful healing occur." Chanting The morning will conclude with some chanting with Morven and Tim - an opportunity to raise our voices together and sing out from our hearts. pre-booking is essential. For more information and booking: 07938 889028 17th May 2015 Wildgoose Space, St Werburghs 10am - 1pm (please arrive ready to begin at 10am) £25 (concessions available, please speak to Morven)

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