Yeti and Friends: Reef and The Riff Raff, Black River Ransom, South Saturn Delta, Yaqui Yeti

 16 May
 Swan Basement
  - - Perth - Australia
 Yaqui Yeti
Come celebrate good times with your friendly Yeti and his new friends! South Saturn Delta is an exploration instrumental jam band from the sixth planet from the sun. They can leave you orbiting on an off axis. Black River Ransom is a dirty blues group revving to explode your ears and melt your face. REEF and the Riff RAFF are lads whom can simply turn your mind inside out and form goosebumps on your skin. Yaqui Yeti boys are new to the scene but are eager to please. They are both hairy and musically inclined. Implosive experiences may occur, beware! $5 entry Swan basement 16th may

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