YEPPOON: Advanced Healings with The Liquid Crystals

 16 May
 64 Bottlebrush Drive, Lammermoor
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 Liquid Reiki Healings
One day only and limited spots! Samantha Cooper from the Sunshine Coast. Taking bookings now.. 1 hour session = $100 30 min session = $60 All sessions include a take home personalised Liquid Crystal Remedy. The Liquid Crystals are a mineral therapy, they are organic, natural and holistic. They are a powerful tool of change aiding you in your individual healing process. They offer a framework of health that the body recognises and desires, you the patient has the keys and does all the work. The Liquid Crystals are brought to existence by capturing the energetic healing qualities from within a crystal, replicating the internal geometry of each stone, then gives it life as a liquid. Safe to take into the body providing amazing results. Breaking down negative programming. Supporting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing process. Sessions can include the following depending on your requirements: * Energy Healings * General Consultations and Prescriptions * The Liquid Crystal Life Purpose Readings and consults * The Liquid Crystals Remedies: Includes advanced stock looking at the physical body and Star children. * Animal Healings with advanced Liquid Crystal Remedies * Children and family dynamics is another main focus, getting your children to feel safe in their skin, in this world, at school, socially and within their families. Connecting parents with their children and visa versa so understanding and being able to communicate on each other's levels. Providing tools to assist these areas. * Ongoing Mentoring and Life Coaching dealing with the above. As always if you know what remedy you are after, just PM the day before and ill have it ready for you to pick up on the day x $20 reservation fee is required to confirm booking.. With Love

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