Yale GALA in Sicily with George Chauncey and Ron Gregg

 05 June
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 Mickey Dobbs
Sicily has drawn gay travelers for more than a century, from the 19th-century German photographer Baron von Gloeden to the postwar avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger. Even Alfred Kinsey conducted research there in 1955. Join us for a unique and enchanting journey across Sicily that will explore the enduring fascination of its distinctive culture, its magnificent Greco-Roman sites, and its extraordinary food and wine. Authentic Sicily teams up with Yale GALA, Yale Educational Travel and Professors George Chauncey and Ron Gregg for a tour that will last eight days and nine nights in upscale accommodations. The tour takes place at a relaxed pace with plenty of time to savor the best of Sicily's food, wine, friendliness, and beauty. Lectures about ancient archeological sites and Italian LGBT history, film screenings, and informal discussions will deepen participants' understanding of Sicily's rich past.

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