WW1 Conscription Crisis in the mining towns of Yorke Peninsula

 28 May
 Napier Building, Adelaide University
  - - Adelaide - Australia
 Don Dunstan Foundation
The Don Dunstan Foundation present Professor Philip Payton as part of About Time: South Australia's History Festival. After the success of last year's highly popular History Month Lecture by Professor Payton, the Dunstan Foundation and Professor Payton will present a second lecture as part of the Festival. WW1 Conscription Crisis in the mining towns of Yorke Peninsula. The conscription crisis in Australia in 1916-17 emphasized existing divisions in Australian society and created new ones, and was especially catastrophic for the Labor Party which was split over the issue. Although the conscription debate was nation-wide, it exhibited strong regional dimensions, influenced by economic, political, religious, ethnic, class and other variables. This talk alights on the crisis as it was manifested in the copper-mining towns of northern Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, and examines in particular the increasingly fraught relationship between Methodism and the Labor Party locally. From being a region noted for its community solidarity and developed sense of Cornish ethno-occupational and ethno-religious exclusivity, the Peninsula became a community divided against itself as the conscription crisis aggravated existing tensions and provoked new divisions. Bookings Essential at: https://professorpaytonlecture.eventbrite.com.au

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