WTF Hangout at Lyndale Open Streets

 07 June
 Lyndale Ave
  - - -
 Jessie Adams
We want to have a Grease Rag hangout space at Open Streets this year! Nice, shady area with tunes and a cooler where WTFs (Women/Trans*/Femme) can come sit down after all that walking and chill with our fab group and maybe learn more. This is where you come in. Will you commit to holding that space? Welcoming WTFs to the party? Stay for at least a shift or for the duration of the event to rep Grease Rag. This is about more than just stopping by, but really hosting this event. RSVP that you can help host and we can get the ball rolling. The whole event is 11am-5pm, but maybe we only go for a few hours? This depends on you, so let's talk!

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