WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN! An FYP Handstand Workshop with Mark Freeth & Anna Robertshaw-Freeth

 31 May
 The Freestyle Yoga Project
 1st Floor, 42 High Street, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1XP - TN1 1XF - Tunbridge Wells - United Kingdom
 Mark Freeth
Yeah – we know handstands are hip & trendy! EVERYONE wants to be able to do ‘em! So – ever the slaves to fashion – FYP will provide you with all you need to know to kick-start your HS trip! Geared towards beginners, you don’t need to know anything about handstands – Mark & Anna will guide you through a selection of sequences and techniques that will bring them within reach. We guarantee EVERYONE will be going upside down in this session – whether it be against a wall, supported by us or – ON YOUR OWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM! OMG……..! Superheroes with an established HS are welcome to come pick up a few new drills. Book at or cross our palms with silver at the studio TEACHERS! Get your CPDs here!

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