World Naked Bike Ride Columbus 2015

 13 June
 400 West Rich
 400 W Rich St - 43215 - Columbus - United States
 Cherie Antonia
World Naked Bike Ride Columbus Ohio 2015 (6th annual) Last year we had over 1000 nude or nearly nude cyclists take Columbus by storm then party till' dawn, expect something epic this year! We do. YOUR BIKE IS YOUR TICKET, AFTER-PARTY FOR RIDE PARTICIPANTS ONLY. BARE AS YOU DARE! For all we care, you could wear a three-piece suit! I mean, if you're into that sort of thing. Body paint, pasties, cocksocks, merkins, fishnets, fishing nets, costumes, sumo outfits, glitter, saran-wrap, chaps, thigh-highs, Shriner hats--you get the idea. OR NOTHING...Shoes are recommended... The World Naked Bike Ride has been happening in over 70 cities in 20 countries around the world since 2004. The ride exists to highlight: 1. The vulnerability of cyclists to automobiles 2. Protest our dependence on oil 3. Celebrate the human body, rejecting all forms of body shame. The ride will be 3-4 miles long, returning to the start location for a dance party. Bring a working bike with lights. No nudist left behind! If you have bike tools and an extra tube, bring'em and remember to look out for each other. Bring your lock or know who you are locking your bike with. Distance runners, skaters, rollerbladers, pedicabs, and tall bikes are encouraged to participate. No, you can't ride your fucking Segway. Men and women are allowed to be topless in Columbus and the Ohio indecent exposure statutes state that exposing your 'private parts' is illegal. The police will receive a statement beforehand so we won't be surprising anybody. Remember, it's as bare as you dare, but totally nude cyclists will be in good company. Above all, we ask each of our participants to aid in creating a body-positive, safe, fun space for everyone else! BE NICE, BRING ID. ***Those who attend expecting an orgy are guaranteed to be sad and sorely disappointed*** EVERYBODY IS INVITED, EXPECT HUNDREDS OF NAKED CYCLISTS!

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