Workshops with Yogamaster Godfrey Devereux Copenhagen June 2015

 06 June
 Yoga I Valby, Valby Langgade 23, Copenhagen
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 Dynamic Yoga Danmark
YOGA POSTURE PRAXIS AS SPIRITUAL PRAXIS June 6th 2015. 10.00 - 18.00 (lunchbreak included) Yoga posture praxis needs to be more than esotericised exercise if it is to provide lasting satisfaction. For this to be possible it must be based on the natural dynamics of human intelligence, somatic, cognitive and spiritual. This workshop will demonstrate that when the nature of body, mind and spirit, and their apparent relationships, are clearly understood the body becomes a direct and easily opened doorway through which our spiritual nature can be accessed and enjoyed. Open to any practitioner - from beginners to the advanced. YOGA POSTURE PRAXIS AS PRANAYAMA IN ACTION June 7th 2015. 10.00 - 18.00 (lunchbreak included) The breath is a dynamic link not only between body and mind, but also between the biological and the spiritual. Intimacy with the breath is the essence of Pranayama, which is in itself an irresistible invitation to the meditative mind. This workshop will focus on using the whole body to support and facilitate genuinely free and fully conscious breathing so that yoga posture praxis can be experienced as pranayama and meditation simultaneously. Open to any practitioner - from beginners to the advanced. PRICE: One workshop DKK 700. Both workshops DKK 1200 VENUE: Copenhagen - to be announced INFO AND REGISTRATION: 2144 1535

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