19 May
 Kaizen Dance Studio 103 Foveaux St Surry Hills
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 Becky Lee
In the tradition of bringing you awesome learning opportunities from the best from around the world DANCE MAMBO is hosting one of the most passionate MAMBO dancers in the EU - BIRCAN TULGA!! A principle dancer with Adolfo Indacochea's LATIN SOUL DANCERS, Bircan has performed all over Europe ... but while he is inspirational on stage it was watching him tear up the social dance floor that really impressed me!! Sweat flying, arms whirling, feet going crazy, my first dance with Bircan was more fun that all the roller coasters at the Easter Show put together ... and when we chatted I was elated to find out he was friendly as well :D Open, easy going and a fabulous dancer - could this guy get any more impressive? Yes, yes he could and he did! I had the pleasure of learning with Bircan during the Adolfo bootcamp at the Milan On2 Congress ... and then later in a series of private lessons and found out that he is a dedicated teacher! This gentleman is the real deal people!! Im very excited to bring him to Australia for the first time. DO NOT MISS OUT on the opportunity to dance, chat, laugh and learn from him. BIRCAN TULGA in AUSTRALIA May 15 to May 25 Exclusive to DANCE MAMBO Keep an eye out for: 1. Workshops with Bircan Tulga 2. Welcome Party 3. Bootcamp 4. Black Tie Ball 5. Private lessons 6. Social dancing WORKSHOPS ----------------------------------------------------- Bircan is an awesome teacher - fun, detailed and super friendly you will love his workshops!!! Date: Tuesday 19 May Times: 6.30-7.30 MUSICALITY - Mambo patterns and shines 7.30-8.30 DO IT PROPERLY - Pachanga 8.30-9.30 GET FUNKY - Cha and Boogaloo Costs: PREPAID 1x WS = $30 2x WS = $50 3x WS = $80 To pre-pay please transfer to: BSB: 015901 Acc#: 500369015 Name; Becky A Lee Reference: (eg. WS3 = WSx3) AT THE DOOR 1x WS = $40 2x WS = $60 3x WS = $90 Who can join? Everyone!! ... but it does help if you have a little experience On2 :p If you are interested in joining but don't have much experience ON2 I totally recommend the DANCE MAMBO Conversion Workshops that precede our monthly MAMBO UNDERGROUND and our regular SKILZ classes. CONVERSION MAMBO UNDERGROUND SKILZ SPECIAL OFFER for ON2UESDAY students If you have paid for the whole term of either session 1 or session 2 you get ALL of Bircan's workshops for FREE!! BOOTCAMP ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bircan's bootcamp is fully booked out!! But if you are interested there is an opportunity for special consideration. Please PM Becky (me) for more details. WELCOME PARTY and SOCIAL DANCING --------------------------------------------------- Keep tuned for where to catch Bircan social dancing! fb event coming soon! PRIVATE LESSONS -------------------------------------------------- Places are limited!! BOOK in advance! 1 person 1 hr - $100 2 people 1 hr - $150 Package of 3 lessons 1 person - $250 Package of 3 lessons 2 people - $300 Bookings: Email - Phone - 0414014640 fb - private message Becky Lee BIRCAN TULGA ----------------------------------------------------- More about Bircan! INTERVIEWS Bircan Tulga interview part 1 Bircan Tulga interview part 2 Social dancing: Bircan and Becky 2013 Bircan and Jess 2014 Dancing with the Latin Soul Dancers: Performing: Profile:

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