Workshops mit Sharon Kihara in Leipzig

 23 May
 Natalie - Bellydance - eMotion-Studio
 Könneritzstr. 43 - 04229 - Leipzig - Germany
 Natalie Bellydance N. Hagge
The Underworld mit Sharon Kihara Datum: 23.05.2015 “Navigating the subtle communication of dance through the practice of Ankoku Butoh, Yoga, and Somatic Awareness." This workshop is perfect for any dancer or artist wishing for skills to help them find an authentic voice, create honest, inspired work, and deepen their comfort in their own skin. Through challenging theatrical exercises, fun games and experimentation, dancers will learn to engineer the reality that comprises the dance space. No special dance or theater experience is necessary, only a wide open mind and a sense of curiosity. This class is open to and suitable for all levels of dance. 10:00 - 12:30 Anmeldung: Preis: 42 Euro Rabatt bei einer Anmeldung bis zum 23.05.2015: 38 Euro Wee-ooh! Drum solo time!!!! Datum: 23.05.2015 Get ready for a fun and fast new original drum solo choreography by Sharon! Drum solo is one of the most exciting parts of a dance performance, and there is a special quality and presence that a dancer cultivates once they become quite comfortable dancing to a live drum. In this workshop we will not only learn a full –length dance, we will also cultivate skills for working with both recorded and live music; developing intuition and connection to your musicians; and enjoying the play between precision and spontaneity that the drum solo can teach us. Get ready to shimmy, pop and lock your butts off. 13:00 - 15:30 Link : Preis: 42 Euro Rabatt bei einer Anmeldung bis zum 23.04.2015: 38 Euro

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