Work Party!

 16 May
 732 nadine eugene oregon
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 Anthony Parker
Our beloved home that has housed so many over the years is in some desperate need of some TLC. This is a roofing project that must be done in order to keep the rent down and the great gods of "SOCIETY" happy for another couple years. SATURDAY the 16th of MAY. We will start at 9:00am and work until 5:00pm The more hands that can help the faster the project will go. I will be dropping a Bill on BBQ and BOOZE for after the long work day. SUNDAY the 17th of MAY, I will need a clean up crew to help me finish up the odds and ends of the project and do some dump runs. I will be making breakfast for everybody willing to help. The house formally known as BRUCE, HOUSE HOPE, needs you. Who will rise to the call and mark the annals of this great history!?

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