Woodbridge Fruit Tree Order from Tasmania

 20 May
  - - -
 Lani Washburne
http://www.woodbridgefruittrees.com.au/ A group buy... I will take payments via Paypal Goods and Services (so you are protected) it will be the cost of the tree plus $10/tree postage, customs and PP fees. If a lot of trees are ordered this amount will reduce and it will be refunded to you (and made clear here). Woodbridge Fruit Trees sells out of some varieties VERY EARLY so please place your requests in here in comments and I will do a first order on 20th of May (that's Wednesday next week) ... We will do another order after that in mid June but this one will have less chance of difficult, rare or popular cultivars being in stock. Both orders will be combined and delivered in August this year, with a pick up on a Saturday morning from Maylands near Maylands Train Station. (I can't say what date until we get confirmation of shipping) Payment is required by the time the June order is placed, unless Woodbridge requires payment in May for the first half. I will confirm this when we have the list together. Please place a comment on the event with the trees you wish to order.

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