Wizardz of Odd

 16 May
 Fraternal Order of Eagles
 1855 S Sedgwick St - 67213-2885 - Wichita - United States
 Matt Dillinger
Alright people the break is over and its time to party! I'd like to start off by saying sorry for such a long bio but bare with me please:) a few new things to start, this will be the first show of shows that my partners and I will be doing and we will be doing them on a monthly basis from now on:) So this is no longer just Matt Dillinger it is now WKC productions! witch is me and my partners Kylan and Hannah:3 but any ways ill get to the show info for you all:p This show will be at a new venue that is an all ages venue but we are going to start with a 16+ show to test the waters. The venue is the fraternal order of eagles otherwise known as The Eagles Lodge South. Its a nice venue pool table bar if your 21+! the venue has given us a very simple rule about attire and that's don't be naked. Venue security: the venue has cameras outside and a few inside and a member will patrol the parking lot every now and again to make sure no ones out drinking in cars or breaking into them so we will all be safe and such:) entry fee: entry is $15 unless you qualify for one of the discounts:3 discounts there are three and you can only get 1 of 3. Kandi discount: Kandi up to your elbows gets $5 off. Costume discount: dress like a wizard get $5 off. Charity discount: bring two or more canned goods (that we will take to the local food bank the following week) get $5 off. Line up: 8:00-8:55-DJ Zentheogenic [Wichita Ks, electro] 8:55-9:50-Mr. H [Wichita Ks, hardcore] 9:50-10:45-Njn Truble [Wichita Ks, trance/house] 10:45-11:45-Kandi Kid Assassin [KCMO, hardcore] 11:45-12:45-Dj 2b Happy [L.A. CA, hardcore] 12:45-1:45- Dj 2b Happy Vs. Kandi Kid Assassin Our headliner: Dj 2b Happy "An L.A. Resident since 2003, 2b Happy has been putting it down in the local Hardcore scene for over a decade. He has played at parties all over Southern California and has begun branching out and headlining events up the west coast. If that's not cool enough, he headlined a gig all the way down under in Sydney, Australia. 2b Happy’s distinct mixing style along with his unparalleled track selection set him apart from the rest and always keep you guessing what’s next! Over the past 2 year's he's been experimenting with mash up UK hardcore. He imagined his favorite tracks sliced together with a few more of his favorite tracks, with a mind blowing outcome that adds that one-of-a-kind feel to his sets and keeping your feet on the dance floor where they belong. His passion for UK hardcore cannot be denied, he is trying to give something new to the fans around the world. If you like your Core happy and euphoric, watch 2b Happy live- you will not be disappointed!" Sound by: WKC productions Lights by: Death Crib entertainment Photos by: Llama Photography more info to be added later

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