Wisdom of the Camino Guided Tour with Ariana

 18 May
 Santiago de Compostela, Spain
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 Ariana Rose Brackenbury
At a crossroads? Not knowing which direction to go? Sensing that there must be more to life? How would it feel to hit the PAUSE button on your life? Imagine doing just that - hitting the pause button. The noise stops. The demands stop. The pressure eases. Now imagine, being in a place free of decisions, phone calls, and task lists. That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? To create that beautiful kind of simplicity in your life? Now is the time to take a journey to that place of peace. It’s time to find your true self. The Camino is a spiritual journey in Northern Spain where you can tap into the energy of the earth’s powerful leylines and follow the footsteps of millions who have walked this spiritual pilgrimage in search of more clarity in their lives. It’s time to listen to your inner self and take that journey. It’s time to find The Wisdom of the Camino!

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