Winter Womb Retreat Australia 2015

 04 June
 Byron Bay Hinterland
  - - -
 A Tantric Life
At this time, each year, as the season changes and winter comes, we turn within to tend to our inner work. In tune with the rhythms and cycles, we utilise the forces of nature to take us into the dark abyss of the feminine void. This is a potent time for all woman, as the winter calls her into her womb. The energy drops down and nourishes her roots, liberating a powerful spiritual energy conducive for personal and collective purification renewing and regenerating Life. It is a time for rest. Deep rest and relaxation is pure rejuvenation at its best. Cutting away the debris of our psyche/womb and anything that is draining or obstructing our vital energy. WINTER WOMB RETREAT with Roxanna Minnona & Guests Where: Byron Bay Rainforest Hinterland Residential 4 days & 4 nights When: Queens Birthday Long Weekend 4th Thursday 7pm - 8th Monday 11am June 2015 Cost: $ 850 + Food & Accommodation $ 390 SPECIAL : $950 Total book in before Mothers Day WHAT WILL WE BE DOING? This retreat is away for you to get to know "Your Temple"! The way you function and the pleasures you were designed for. A complete re-emergence with all the aspects of self woven into a beautiful journey over 4 days & nights ! Some topics covered include: * Resetting the sub-conscious * Exploring Sacred Sexuality * Healing the Mother Wound * The Art of deep relaxation and higher states of Bliss * Awakening our energy centres for self realisation * Working with the forces of nature * Deprogramming - tools for awakening out of our unconscious behaviours and fixations. Did you know that pain in the yoni is unnatural, yet is is surprisingly common! Many women experience painful menstruation, painful sex and so on. Whilst the pain may be experienced as physical, it often orginites on a psycho-somatic level, meaning it is actually arising out of thinking patterns, beliefs, and unresolved emotions. It doesn't mean it's not real, it just means that to address it we need to understand how the whole woman functions to bring awareness to what she is doing that is out of alignment with her being. " Our task as we heal the mother wound, is to transform the inner mother with in us from being a duplicate of our human mother (with her limitations) into the mother we always wanted. An inner mother that can abundantly meet out needs and support us in flourishing and loving ourselves for who we truly are. " Bethany Webster Accommodated in a private secluded rainforest retreat, simple luxuries, warm fires and radically delicious organic vegetarian catering to nourish you on every level. Prepare to have your life rearranged format he inside out in the most beautiful loving way possible ! Go ahead and put this on your calendar--you really want to come to this event. !!! Facilitator: Roxanna Minnona Guests : Rebekah Ray

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