06 June
 The Tote
 71 Johnston Street (Cnr Johnston and Wellington St) - 3066 - Collingwood - Australia
 Nick Magur
ADAMUS EXUL --- Ak-11 --- CEMETERY URN --- Eskhaton --- Voidchrist --- Wood of Suicides Also FREE BBQ! Featuring 6 of Melbourne's finest extreme metal bands to reign in the Winter season! ADAMUS EXUL - Extreme and ruthless misanthropic art in the name of self expression and life extinction. AK-11 - Triumphant Pagan Black Metal that explores the carnage & destruction of great battles past & present, ancient European pagan mythology, Left Hand Path Existentialism & blood lust. CEMETERY URN - Barbaric Australian Death Metal from the Grave! ESKHATON - Total fucking death metal! Worship Death! VOIDCHRIST - Black/Death Metal in the name of total chaos and pain! WOOD OF SUICIDES - A musical experiment rooted in themes of misery, twilight and despair, blending a sorrowful mix of acoustics, melody and traditional elements of Doom and Blues with an abrasive layer of Blackened Thrash and the harrowing ambience of Suicidal Black Metal.

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