Windsor #opCAS Anonymous International Day of Protest

 05 June
 Family Court, 200 Chatham, Windsor
  - - -
 Anonymous CAS Watch
Anonymous International Day of Protest; Stand with us in solidarity. The corruption and abuse of power by our child "protection" services has gone on long enough. Any involved with the CAS can take comfort in Anonymity. Please bring a mask or a sign to represent unity. Sign suggestions: #opCAS / #opExposeCPS Don't worry, we're from the internet Reboot the CAS Stop the CA$ Stop Stealing our kids! Hand$ off our Kids! No Profit from Children Reboot the CA$ Child Abuse Society Child Abduction Society Let the Ombudsman in Ombudsman Oversight & Legal Accountability Legal Accountability of the CAS Registered Social workers only! End to false accusations Stop selling our kids! What is done to our children they will do to the world Superman never made any money from saving the world; why is child protection profitable? Protect Kids not Profits! Free speech for children Let the children speak The corrupt fear us, The honest support us, The heroic join us. We are Anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, EXPECT US...

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