Wildlife Tracking Apprenticeship Program 2015

 23 May
 Orangeville, Canada
  - L9W - -
 Alexis Burnett
Have you always wondered where and how the animals live and thrive in the natural world? Have you wanted to learn to look deeper into thier lives and uncover the many mysteries of nature? Are you looking to create time and space in your life to connect to nature on a deeper level in a learning and supportive community of people? So that you can share these lessons and expericnes with others and begin to see the world through a new set of 'eyes'. If so, then this program is for you. Immerse yourself in the art and science of wildlife tracking with this intensive, unique in Ontario, 10 month apprenticeship program. Spanning four seasons and multiple habitats, participants will emerge with the confidence and skills needed to be a competent Wildlife Tracker. - Build a solid foundation on which to begin/continue your study of the natural world - Gain a deeper connection with nature and learn to relate to animals on both a physical and intuitive level. - Learn to identify the habitats wildlife species are a part of. - Gain knowledge and experience tracking with a group of like-minded people in a safe setting. - Learn a set of skills that will enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors -Learn laugn share and play with a great community of people. -Be able to share these experience and what you have learned with your own students, kids, friends and family. The skills required to become a confident wildlife tracker require countless hours of dedication to this subject area. This apprenticeship program is designed to speed up that learning curve and guide the student on this journey in both a safe and effective manner. For both the beginner as well as advanced student this program can be designed to meet your own needs and goals. We are dedicated to each of our students and committed to providing the best environment possible to aid in your learning journey Who: open to adults of all experience levels ( max 10 participants) When: one weekend a month for 10 months May 2015 to March 2015 Where: Various habitats/ecosystems in southern/central Ontario (Grey County, Orangeville area and Algonquin Park)

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