Wilderness Survival Training Series with Blain Commanda

 13 June
 Outside of Thessalon Ontario
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 Kati Albert
Do you dream of being independant in the wilderness? Do you already have some skills but would like to strengthen your abilities? Receive training with experienced outdoor guide and life long hunter, woodsman, Blain Commanda. This series will be offered as stand alone retreats or as a full package with Certificate of Completion and discounts (with and without the hunting component). About this series: In this series you will learn true independence in the wilderness that will liberate and strengthen you in ways you've always dreamed. These retreats are designed for beginners, seasons naturalists and hunters alike. You will spend time deep in the wilderness of Northern Ontario learning from an experienced naturalist and Wilderness Tour Guide. You will learn to make fire by original means, how to identify and use wild edibles and medicinals, build your own wilderness shelter, make containers from 100% natural and wild materials, tracking and holistic navigating skills and about the language of the birds. This will be a year you will never forget. You will carry your skills with you through your lifetime. About Blain Commanda: Blain is a life long bow hunter and woodsman from Serpent River First Nation. Along with his depth of knowledge and connection to the land, his background as a Certified Wilderness Tour Guide makes spending time with him outdoors an extra special learning experience. This series is recommended for hunters, naturalists, parents, teachers, Scout and Girl Guide leaders, outdoor teachers, or just someone wanting to re-connect with the land. This series is truly a gift and should not be missed. If you're interested in learning to be more independent in the outdoors, these workshops are for you! Location: The retreat center is located near the North Shore of Lake Huron near Thessalon Ontario. Nestled in the stunning northern wilderness of Algoma District and situated on the edge of the Missisaugi River, this is a wonderful place get away, rejuvenate and reconnect with our natural rhythms. Don't forget your camera!! Surrounded by breathtaking wild back country, lakes, and rivers, Algoma has some of the most picturesque scenery in the world. The property boasts over 200 acres of forested land with trails, cabins, creeks, large farm house, plenty of room for wilderness camping and so much more. **Prices do not include lodging or food. Lodging details listed below. All classes start at 9:00am unless otherwise specified. Part 1 - June 13, 14 - 2 days SATURDAY: Holistic Navigation/Trail Making. Gain full confidence to navigate in the bush on your own. SUNDAY: Training Our Minds to Look for Indicators. This extremely essential skill will help you to know where to look for food, water, animals and more. $265 Part 2 - June 27, 28 - 2 days SATURDAY: Wilderness Shelter Building. Build your own wilderness shelter from scratch with materials found in nature. You can even stay in your shelter for the weekend if you wish. SUNDAY: Fire-making Level 1 - creating fire by original means. Also with flint. $265 Part 3 - July 11, 12 - 2 days TRACKING: The whole weekend will be spent on tracking skills. Even seasoned hunters can learn from Blain's life long experience. For beginners and experienced trackers alike. $265 Part 4 - July 25,26 - 2 days SATURDAY: Fire Making Level 2. Fore making Level 1 is not required. However, some experience is necessary to attend this workshop. SUNDAY: Wild Edibles. Learn to identify and prepare your own wild foods. $265 Part 5 - August 8,9 - 2 days - Wild Medicines: SATURDAY: A Day of Gathering Medicines. Learn to identify wild plants and their uses. SUNDAY: Wild Medicine Making. Learn to prepare your own salves, tinctures and teas. $265 Part 6 - Aug 22, 23 - 2 Days All weekend will be spent learning the Language of the Birds. Learn to let the birds tell you what animals are lurking. This skill can even be used in the city. You and your friends will be amazed with your new skill. In this workshop, beginners and skilled naturalist a like will enjoy and take home new skills and experiences. It's a lot of fun for everyone! $265 Part 7 - September 5,6,7 - 3 days.The full weekend is offered as a hunting excursion experience. The other workshops are not a prerequisite but are helpful if you are a beginner. *This retreat is offered at a very low introductory rate* You can also book private excursions with Blain as your hunting tour guide, Full retreat: $395 Our total tuition this year is already at a low introductory rate. As incentive to take all of our classes, we're offering an additional 10% off and certificate of completion. Offered with and without the hunting component. Register now! Spaces are limited. Course investment with Certificate of Completion (without hunting) $1590 - 10% = ONLY $1430! Full course with hunting and Certificate of Completion (with Hunting) - $1985 - 10% = $1785 Accommodations: (Pays Wharnciffe) Camping: 1 tent, could include 2 people or small family (2 adults, 2 children maximum) - $25 per night Dorm style room or shared room: $30 per night Private room: $40 per night Agnes Whistling Elk Cabin (private, with hydro) $60 per night Trappers Cabin (no Hydro, available for small groups) $75 per night If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kati Albert (519)253-9512 camp_culture@yahoo.ca Thank you for reading! Miigwetch! Blain Commanda Kati Albert

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