Wild & Crazy (Adult) Kids 2015: A Nickelodeon Ass BBQ

 06 June
 Euclid Creek: Welsh Woods Picnic Area, Cleveland, OH 44143
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 Phylindia Gant
What: Wild & Crazy (Adult) Kids 2015: A Nickelodeon Ass BBQ When: Saturday, June 6 2015 @ 3pm Where: Euclid Creek: Welsh Woods Picnic Area Why: Why Not How: Magic There will be booze. Food, too. Donate drink, drank or food – OR - just pitch in $5 or more. We ask that you just be reasonable and not a bum. You know when you’re being a bum. Paypal to Tanya.schatzman@gmail.com There will also be teams and games. Someone needs to be Cuba Gooding Jr.’s brother. Volunteers? Everybody is welcome. Invite whoever you’d like… It’s outside, there’s no guest list on Mother Earth. However, Cleveland is the VIP section. RSVPs are most appreciated so we can get the teams together. Cuz it’s serious. Proposed Game Ideas: Thug Pictionary Make That Thang Pop Don’t Spill the Drank Come out and help celebrate Tanya's 30th Birthday!!

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