Wiggle feat. Wes Smith, Omega Squad, Eric Riggsbee, Ghost MD...

 29 May
 Kava Lounge
  - - San Diego - United States
 Omega Squad
What's happening San Diego, it's almost time to Wiggle again! This time we have Oakland breakbeat staple Eric Riggsbee heading down to rock it out for you and special guest, San Diego's Ghost MD. Eric runs Faultline - A Monthly Breakbeat Party up on the Sunny Side of the Bay and we are very excited to have him down here in San Diego for music and Shenanigans. Add your very own Wiggle residents and chart toppers Wes Smith and Omega Squad into the mix and I do believe we have a party! So on Friday May 29th come one come all and let loose with another epic night of breakbeat madness and get ready to Wiggle.

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