Widerness and Remote First Aid - Hosted by Rooted In Nature Ecological Education and Permaculture Design

 05 June
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 Stephen Levesque
Registration is organized by Alert First Aid Inc. At this link: https://www.alertfirstaid.com/first-aid-courses/group-courses/nanaimo Registration deadline is April 29 (this course will not happen without a minimum of 10 participants) Timing and commitments: This is a 20hr course June 5 6:30 - 9:00 June 6/7 9:00 - 4:00 Wilderness & Remote First Aid - This fun and interactive 20-hour course is a must for anyone who spends time more than an hour away from medical aid. This course includes trip planning and preparation, adult, child and infant CPR (Level ‘C’), obstructed airway procedures, artificial respiration, use of an Automated External Defibrillator, prevention of disease transmission, and wound management. Recognition and first-aid treatment for drowning/partial drowning, heart attack and stroke, allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, hypothermia, heat stroke, bone, muscle and joint injuries, poisons, burns, diabetic emergencies, head and spine injuries, evacuation and transportation, and extended care will also be covered. Participants spend the majority of the course doing hands-on first-aid and participating in first aid scenarios. By practicing with scenarios, students gain confidence, learn to improvise and react in emergency situations. Price for this course for a minimum of 10 people would be $245/person. As this course is for employment purposes, there is no GST. Price includes a field guide and Wilderness first aid certificate and CPR C with AED valid for 3 years. Mike Barnes has been developing his wilderness & leadership skills for years backpacking, hiking and paddling. He progressed through Paddle Canada’s sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking programs. He has taken the Outdoor Recreation Management & Wilderness Leadership program from Capilano college. He has worked for Alert First Aid since 2013. He used his passion for all things wilderness to help revamp our Wilderness & Remote First Aid curriculum, and continued his training to be an Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid instructor, travelling all over Vancouver Island, it’s surrounding islands and the lower mainland to teach customized wilderness-based courses. Alert First-Aid Inc. has been offering first-aid training to Vancouver Island since 1998. We believe in making the learning process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Thank you for contacting Alert First-Aid Inc.

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