Wicked Jeeps Philadelphia - Newbie Rausch Run

 17 May
 Rausch Creek Offroading Park
 453 Molleystown Rd - 17981 - Tremont - United States
 Amber Lee Dixon
WE WERE ALL THERE ONCE :) We know that the thought of taking your Jeep on the trails is both thrilling, and nerve wracking at the very same time. We have all had the same questions about what gear to be in, what to air down to, what to expect on the trails. We understand, and because we do, we would love it if you would join us for a "Newbie" day at Rausch Creek. I have asked a dear friend of mine, James Adams to lead and spot our group and he graciously agreed. The plan is to take it slow, so if you are seasoned at Rausch, this might not be the run for you. That is unless you would like to assist our new trail blazers for the day. We are looking at green trails primarily, but if the group feels comfortable, we may take a blue or the Tata trail to get some feet wet. All drivers will need to be responsible for their own fees for the day. Below is the Rausch Creek website you can navigate. http://rc4x4.org/ Membership - Rausch Creek Off Road Park is a membership-based facility. There are no pre-requisites or waiting lists. All drivers and passengers must sign a membership application & liability waiver. Drivers and passengers age 16 and up are required to become members of the park which costs $15 per year and is good for one year from the date you join. Membership cards are given out when you join. Admission - The daily entrance fee is $35.00 for the vehicle and driver. Passengers age 16 and up are $7.00 each (When a passenger joins the park, the $7.00 fee is waived that day). We offer free primitive camping for our members.

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