Wholesaling Real Estate Zero Down

 02 June
 Whitney Oaks Golf Club
 2305 Clubhouse Dr - 95765 - Rocklin - United States
 David Oldenburg
This is awesome! Mark your calendar right now! The holy grail of real estate is using OPM "Other People's Money" to buy real estate with little or no risk! Without a doubt, I get more people asking me about wholesaling, than almost any other question. How to get started, how to find properties, how to write the contracts, and how to grow a wholesale business, are just a few of the questions I get on this topic. Most wholesalers won't even talk to others about how it is done! I am very pleased to announce that Kandice Gaunt, an extreme wholesaler, will be joining our group and speaking on Tuesday, June 5th at 6:30 PM at the Whitney Oaks Golf Club. Kandice will cover: Wholesale Speaking Agenda ~ What Is Wholesaling? ~ Defining A Good vs. Bad Wholesale Deal ~ Where Exactly Do You Find Wholesale Deals? ~ Secrets To Finding Buyers & Closing More Deals! Do not miss this incredible and rare speaking event! Bring a friend, invite others and come join us! Did I mention we will be giving away up to $500 in gift cards to people who are present! There will be a full bar, networking before and after, and lots of people making connections and doing deals. Thank you to the 118 people who showed up and came to our May 5th "Flipping Fantastic" event! It was an honor for me to speak in front of so many great people, and Andrea Mandrigues did a great job sharing her extensive flipping knowledge! David Oldenburg

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