What in the World am I Supposed to Eat? Masterclass with Kyle Vialli

 06 June
 4th Floor Studios
 4th Floor East and West, 255-259 Commercial Rd - E1 2BT - London - United Kingdom
 Kyle Hayden Vialli
Join acclaimed nutrition researcher, vitality coach and forthcoming author of What in the World Am I Supposed to Eat? Kyle Vialli for an exclusive, insight-rich masterclass focused on demystifying the enterprise of good nutrition. Secure your tickets now, limited seating only: http://www.eventbee.com/event?eid=199828842 Following on the trail of Kyle's forthcoming book of the same name, What in the World Am I Supposed to Eat? is the eating man or woman's Holy Grail, tantamount to a complete and practical treatment of what really matters when it comes to food and drink. Whether you have been studying the art and science of good eating for decades or you are a relative beginner wanting to pick up excellent habits from the get-go, the What in the World Am I Supposed to Eat? seminar will give you all the insights you need to thrive on the food that you eat. "The 3 Dimensions of Nutrition - a name I coined to describe the three primary pillars (or themes) that underpin the art of effective nutrition, will form the core of our masterclass together. Regardless of the genre of your diet: whether fruitarian, raw vegan, cooked vegetarian, omnivarian, etc, the 3 Dimensions of Nutrition will naturally guide you towards making your diet work for you; it will encourage you to find the necessary balance to make it robust where once it was deficient." During the masterclass you will discover... ✔️ The essential components of a truly nourishing diet. ✔️ Why 95% of all diets fail. ✔️ How to Master your food: The 3 Dimensions of Nutrition. ✔️ How to Optimise, Raw, Cooked, Vegan & Vegetarian Diets. ✔️ The Lost Art of Food Preparation. ✔️ How to find the right diet for you. ✔️ The Truth about Cooked vs Raw. ✔️ Save £££s in unnecessary supplements/superfoods every year ✔️ Questions & Answers Prepare to be tantalised and surprised, the answers are not what you might expect! See here for all the details: http://www.eventbee.com/event?eid=199828842

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