Westside Community Text Alert - info meeting

 19 May
 Westside Community Centre
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 Cllr Mike Cubbard
Hi everyone, I for one am sick and tired waking up to hear another house has been robbed in Westside, another car vandalised outside a person's home or more used drug paraphernalia found in public areas where our children have direct access to. Westside has come a long way over the years and the latest addition in the state of the art park and playground is testament to this. I do not want to allow a minority of people drag a fantastic community down and feel passionate about this. Community Text Alert is active in other area's of the city and has proven to work. I believe it can help Westside and the Gardaí in curtailing these acts of crime. How does it work? A household signs up to the scheme. When a call goes into the Gardaí reporting suspicious behaviour in the area, they decide if it warrants a text to go out. If it does, an instant text message goes out warning residents. At the same time a Garda car is deployed. Signage will also be erected to say this is now a Community Alert Area which may also be a deterrent to criminals. Households donate €5 per year to ensure the cost of the scheme is covered. This is a good system, it allows neighbourhoods protect themselves and sends a message to criminals that we no longer tolerate what has gone on before. Please try attend the meeting for further information on this. I have also invited the Community Guard and Council Tenant Liaison Officer. Also, tell your neighbours to come along ! Thanks in advance, Mike

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