Westby Syttende Mai Parade

 17 May
 Westby, WI, United States
  - 54667 - -
 WI National Guard Challenge Academy
http://westbysyttendemai.com Rules for family and friends: 1. No contact with your cadet is allowed. This is in fairness of those who are not on the drill team and are not at the event. If this happens your cadet can be dismissed from the team. Please cheer for your cadet and the team as they perform in your area, but do not approach your cadet. 2. Do not give staff anything to give to your cadet. We have minimal staff at events and they are busy trying to make the event smooth and memorable for the team. Please use the normal system to send items to your cadet. 3. Feel free to take photos and film your cadet and/or the team, but please maintain an appropriate distance to allow the team to perform. Some of their movements take some room in order to maintain safety for all involved. 4. If the performance is at a sporting event, family and friends are responsible for their own tickets. Tickets are not provided for the families by the sporting team we are performing for, so please contact the appropriate venue if you desire to attend the game.

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