West Virginia Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation Drawing

 01 June
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 Randi Conley
Did you know that one in every 500 children are born with Hydrocephalus? Did you know that as of today we only have TREATMENT....yep... NO CURE! Up for raffle we have 3 baskets, one beautiful homemade fleece blanket, and one handmade wreath. *Here are the rules.... 1.) We will have tickets for donations for each item. I will be available in Clay several days a week and will also set up a couple days to meet in Summersville. For those of you out of town I can private message you my address and when I receive your donation I will take a photo of your raffle ticket. 2.) Donation amounts are $1 per ticket per basket raffle. $1 per ticket for the wreath. $5 per ticket for the beautiful blanket. 3.) If the winner is out of state or not local I will pay to have your item shipped to you. 4.) DONATE FOR LOTS OF TICKETS! The West Virginia Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation is gathering these donations to help our mission of funding a cure.

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