Wentworth Falls - National Pass Track EWalk!

 30 May
 Sir H Burrell Drive, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782, Australia
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 Dave Vhjam
Ok! I have been saying for a while that I would organise a Hike for the group. Well I haven't done this trail in Wentworth falls for quite a while and thought we could do it as a group. Its a medium grade walk down the cliff face and across the valley floor to come up the Valley of the water. and then walk back to the main car park at the top of Wentworth falls. If you are going to take a camera, I would suggest a small one instead of a DSLR as I have taken my DSLR a few times and find it to be heavy and in some cases not very useful as you need to keep putting it back into your carry case due to the trail conditions. Its about 5Km -6Km all up with the walk back to the card park so take plenty of water. Also its a 210M climb down to the valley floor and then a 210M climb back up so its pretty strenuous. That being said its a great walk, the scenery is fantastic and the walk up through the valley of waters is awesome as its fill with waterfalls! This is also going to be my Birthday Hike! see whether I can make it!

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