Wellington Trace Residents Safety Day

 30 May
 wellington trace club house
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 Chris Watkins
Due to Spring Sports I changed the time to allow for max participation. Please join us for our Community Safety Day. Here is a list of the vendors and activities planned: 1. Bicycle Doctor will be there doing free bicycle and helmet inspections. 2. State Farm agent will be there providing materials with a tent/booth in conjunction with the Bicycle Doctor. 3. Karate Kicks will be there doing self defense workshops. 4. The Fire Department will be there with a fire truck and ambulance and do safety demonstrations. from 2-4pm as they have to get back to work. They are working with the Sheriff's Department to see if they would like to attend as well. 5. Greg's Driving School will be there and set up a table and be present to answer questions about the driver's education process, and all aspects of driver wellness and safety (to include pedestrian safety, and behind-the-wheel safety for first time drivers, etc) 6. Serenity Pool (our pool management company) will be there to discuss pool and water safety. 7. Residential Realty Group (our management company) will be there with some giveaways. Heather Hewitt Taylor is working to get Poison Control and AAA to attend. Thanks to Claudia Linton and Heather Hewitt Taylor for contacting some of the vendors. Unfortunately we will NOT have child safety kits as the Masons never responded to our inquiry. If you have other vendors that would like to come out please email me and I will work to get them in the event. Please have all of the coordination completed and a "yes" from them to attend that day. The event will be at the clubhouse with some vendors outside and some inside. This event is for Adults and for Kids. Make sure to bring your bike's out to the event and let everyone know. Please confirm on here if you plan on attending.

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