Well Women Clinic- Auburn

 06 June
 Auburn, AL, United States
  - 36830-36832, 36849 - -
 Midwife Jazmin Clm Clc
Dates and times are not set, this will happen in the next few days! These visits are 1 hour long and occasionally go over. In consideration of the appointments after yours, please be 5 minutes early to the appointment. If I am running behind I will call/text you to notify you. I ask that everyone is patient, I take my time with everyone! These visits include (but you don't have to participate in all): *Pap smear *Pelvic exam (please see disclosure below) *Basic screen for Bacteria vaginosis, Yeast and Trich *Breast exam education *Vitals checked *Urinalysis *Basic physical *Anemia check *Basic nutrition discussion *Basic menstruation discussion *Basic iridology (I am not certified in this but will use it holistically) These are great for young girls, pre-menstruation (minus the pap and pelvic) to introduce them to women-centered gentle and honoring care. Those style visits are focused more on education and act as a catalyst to open discussion. I understand (and have experienced this personally) that women often come to me after having a traumatic event with pelvics and pap smears. After last years visits I realized how healing this style of visit can be. We take our time, everything is explained prior to the experience. Anything you are uncomfortable with is not done and nothing is done without informed choice. These appointments are $50, please bring a check written out to the Midwest Cancer Society for $25 and $25 cash (for your midwife). If you can't afford this PLEASE PM me, don't let that keep you from coming! In each city I am hoping to have at least 5 appointments set up and I will need a volunteer to host these events (some events already have volunteers, PM me if you are interested in hosting!) The host only pays for the lapwork (pap smear). The host will be asked to provide (vegan) for myself and my assistant. These appointments are also used to help enhance learning. I will have an assistant and possibly a student midwife with me. I will be conducting all the exams with the student observing. Anyone open to a more hands on learning experience for my assistant or student please let me know via (PM). This IS NOT required as the appointments are centered on you. The pelvic exam is a non-essential part of a well woman exam. This part of the exam helps enhance my skills at assessing pelvic anatomical features. I ask for you to consider allowing me to do this portion of the exam for me to gain skill in this area. This IS NOT mandatory and opting out does NOT affect your care! I will say that this happened to be the part of the exam that brought the most healing to the women I attended last year. Closer to the event I will sent up a post with appointment times and we will begin filling those in! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! SHARE THIS EVENT!

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