Weight Loss Made EASY Workshop-Register for your FREE TICKET!

 17 May
 House of Now: 536-A 5th St. Courtenay, BC, V9N 1K3. Canada
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Are you struggling with yo-yo dieting? Are your limiting beliefs preventing you from losing weight? Do you have challenges with food cravings and overeating? Is a lack of self-motivation holding you back from weight loss? Is your emotional baggage causing your weight gain? Do these weight loss challenges sound familiar to you? If so, join me for this workshop, you will learn the answers and holistic solutions for the common weight loss myths and challenges: Why diet alone won’t work for long term weight loss success? Why food cravings are only the symptom and not the root cause of your weight gain. How can hormone imbalance contribute to your weight gain? What are the missing pieces in most common weight loss programs? You will also learn: How to identify your limiting beliefs and mental blocks that prevent you from weight loss How to leverage your hidden gifts to unlock your full potentials and bring out the best in you Simple tips to stop food cravings instantly anywhere and anytime. Space is limited and register your FREE ticket now: http://optimalhealthsolutions.ca/events/live-event-in-may/.

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