We LOVE Vanuatu.

 31 May
 The Stores Studio, Brisbane Powerhouse.
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 Abbey Church
We LOVE Vanuatu Brisbane Powerhouse Stores Studio ONE NIGHT ONLY Sunday 31st May It will be a very special and exceptionally fun evening, with some of our favorite people. Jesse and Locky (Casus) Gilroy Finau Hatcher Joel Chia Miku + Morgan Ofa Fanaika Grace + Mayu Rhett Morrow More to be announced… Not only will these stunning performers be showing their stuff, we will have a hungi/umu/earth oven cooked by the brilliant Pricilla and David Hatcher. (A slow-cooked feast involving a massive pit dug into the ground and open fire, heated river rocks. The feast will include, potatoes, yams, sweet potato, and a host of pumpkins, fish and meat marinated in coconut milk and a host of herbs. - there will be plenty of vegetarian options). All this beauty, yummy food and good music to raise funds. Vanuatu. Cyclone Pam. Category 5. Hit on March 13 + 14. 75, 000 left in need of emergency shelter. 96% food crops destroyed. Last year in September the scouts had an utterly fabulous time on the island of Efate, Vanutatu. We made beautiful friends and got taken to some over the most stunning sites. This Pacific bliss was slammed with such devastation in March, and the re-building of the islands will be a long process. Just because it has disappeared from the news headlines doesn’t mean that the country isn’t working with everything they have to pull all the things back together again, as much as possible. Wan Smol Bag Theatre is based in Port Vila, Efate in Vanuatu. This incredible organisation has been running, making art, supporting people and families and providing a fun and safe space for kids all over the island for the last 26 years. WSB produce theatre, film and radio drama, provide artists a place to work and build their skills, employ hundreds of people, and on top of that run a health and nutrition centre to feed, teach and build knowledge throughout their community. http://visit.wansmolbag.org/wsbs-response-to-cyclone-pam/ During the aftermath of cyclone Pam, Wan Smol Bag was feeding over 500 people a day, through their nutrition centre. Our aim is to raise as much dosh/money/vatu/bucks as we can to go towards the rehabilitation of the youth centre at Wan Smol Bag Theatre. Tickets $25. It’s a raiser of the funds. Pre-book or Donate: http://www.trybooking.com/136235 This one’s personal. We love Vanuatu.

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