22 May
 The Yellow Barn
 416 W Huron St - 48103 - Ann Arbor - United States
 Dustin Krcatovich
Doors: 7:30 Cover: $8 Ages: All WCBN 88.3 FM PRESENTS: WILLIS EARL BEAL SKIN LIES EVAN HAYWOOD HAUNTED ABOUT WILLIS EARL BEAL: "...Sings with a voice that will make you tremble and comes to the world with a backstory that will make you fall in love." -Vogue “...Alien and disconnected from any particular era or culture existing outside of his own frenzied imagination.” -All Music Guide Willis Earl Beal’s story is the stuff of legend: born and raised in Chicago, Beal was “discovered” by FOUND magazine publisher/This American Life contributor Davy Rothbart while living semi-homeless in Albuquerque, NM, a period which found Beal posting fliers and self-portraits around town with his personal phone number, seeking friends. Beal left his CDRs and zines in coffee shops and the like, simply hoping to connect, and connect he did: Beal’s boundless imagination and charisma are such that he quickly ascended from Albuquerque oddball to a known quantity back in Chicago; from there, he went on to TV appearances and sold out shows in the UK and the European mainland. Beal was signed to XL’s Hot Charity imprint, releasing a handful of albums and EPs in quick succession; his most recent LP with Hot Charity, Nobody Knows., even saw him collaborating with Cat Power’s Chan Marshall and members of TV On The Radio. From there, he went on to star in the Tim Sutton film Memphis, a hit at Sundance 2014 which is currently streaming on Netflix. Creatively restless, Beal bowed out of his contract with XL/Hot Charity last year, releasing his last record Experiments In Time himself (via CDBaby). Ever advancing into new sonic vistas, Beal’s work becomes increasingly dream-like and individual with each recording and performance, recalling everything from Tom Waits to Sade to something straight out of a Twin Peaks saloon. http://willisearlbeal.com/ SKIN LIES: Skin Lies is the new solo musical project of multimedia artist (and former WCBN DJ!) Dustin Krcatovich. As Skin Lies, Krcatovich claims to be the sole creator of “wetwave” music. Nobody’s quite sure what that designation means, but the end result recalls an amalgam of the vintage industrial grind of Suicide and Throbbing Gristle, the soaring minimalism of Terry Riley and Tangerine Dream, the melodic and textural mysteriousness of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and the pulsing smear of fellow Michiganders Wolf Eyes. Krcatovich is also a writer and cartoonist whose work appears frequently in Esquire, Tiny Mix Tapes, The Absurdist, and The Quietus, among others (he first met Beal while on assignment for Esquire!). He is currently based in Portland, OR. http://skinlies.bandcamp.com/ EVAN HAYWOOD: Evan Haywood is an Ann Arbor musician and multidisciplinary artist. He is most known locally for his work with the hip-hop crew Tree City and MAN VS. INDIAN MAN. HAUNTED Haunted is also Emily Roll. Emily Roll is also Haunted? What is Haunted? Who is Haunted?

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