Waterfall to Heathcote station

 13 June
 Heathcote National Park
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 Eline Suzanne Klaassens
Sorry, I postponed this one again but I hope some of you can make next month, date is not definite yet. Martha suggested this track. Nice and easy one close to the city. This walk explores the heart of Heathcote National Park, and is easily accessed with a train station at either end. Although relatively close to the start of the walk, Kingfisher Pool, next to Heathcote Creek, is a great spot to break and enjoy the park. Mirang Pool, at the northern end, also offers an opportunity to cool down before the last walk up the hill. It's 11 km but we can keep going to 1 or 2 stations further if we want to keep going. http://www.wildwalks.com/bushwalking-and-hiking-in-nsw/heathcote-national-park/waterfall-to-heathcote.html

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