Want to win a genuine Pandora ring ?

 31 May
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 Paradise Shelter
ROLL UP ROLL UP Here we have our 3rd raffle for the dogs in the Paradise shelter. A stunning genuine Pandora ring which is worth £150 has kindly been donated to us by the lovely Joanne Chipping. We need to raise as much as possible so the Paradise shelter can keep moving forward. Helping dogs to have a better life while they await adoption. Pls do support us and buy one ticket or even more. Tickets are being sold for £2 for one ticket, £5 for 3 tickets or £10 for 7 tickets. Payments can be done by paypal, to fundraising4dogsxx@gmail.com with reference "PANDORA" please, and with family and friends option. Don't mention words like raffle, game or similar as paypal doesn't support this kind of fundraising. Thank you. This raffle will be held as long as it takes to fundraise the required amount, and the winners will be drawn by a Random Number generator. Good luck to everybody ♥ And thanks a lot for every share, too Paypal: fundraising4dogsxx@gmail.com PLEASE BUY A TICKET OR AS MANY AS YOU CAN. WE ARE NOT JUST HELPING A SHELTER AND ITS DOGS. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR A SHELTER AND ALL THE DOGS IN THERE SO PLEASE PLEASE HELP US. WITHOUT YOUR HELP THEY WONT HAVE A CHANCE. Thank you from all the team xx

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