Wandering to Nourish Atlanta presents: RUN14

 30 May
 414 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue NE Atlanta Ga. 30312.
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 Wandering to Nourish Atlanta
"One person can make a difference and everyone should try" ~ John F. Kennedy Do you like Fitness? Do you want to Help people, and make a difference in the community? How would you like to combine the 2? If you answered YES, then we have an Amazing opportunity for YOU!! RUN (Reduce Urban Neglect) is a branch of the Wandering to Nourish Atlanta organization that specializes in adding Fitness to the community service experience. We meet once a month to RUN the streets of Atlanta with Backpacks full of Donations (PB&J sandwiches, and Hygiene products) to hand out to all the Homeless people we encounter. "Exercise is FUN, we LOVE to serve, and like PB&J we decided to combine the 2, so let's all RUN". Sounds AWESOME right?? Well the RUN is so much more!! Our Goal is to provide Volunteers with an in depth experience unlike any other. We hand out food yes, but we also hear stories, shake hands, encourage, lift up, and ultimately try to bring HOPE to situations that may seem Hopeless. People ask me all the time: Why volunteer work? Why focus on the Homeless? How does a sandwich make a difference? ****My answer is: A sandwich might last someone an hour, before they are hungry again. Hygiene products might last a week. But the look a Homeless person gets when they realize you see them, and they actually matter to you, it's a realization that they are not living in a world where they have been forgotten. That is priceless. That can change lives. That is honestly the reason why I do this work. Setup: We jog along a planned Route feeding people along the way, also stopping in 2 shelters for brief tours (this month 2 new shelter experiences: SafeHouse, and Church on the Street organization), and end with a short Bootcamp workout in Centennial park. **This event is designed for all Fitness Levels, please don't hesitate to join, and if you have any questions or concerns message our page anytime. **PLEASE invite friends to this event page. This helps us tremendously!!!! ***VERY IMPORTANT: We are doing the May RUN event on the last Saturday of the Month!! We invite you all to RUN14! Let's change the world Together!! Thank you all!

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