Wandering to Nourish Atlanta: Chapter 29

 17 May
 414 John Wesley Dobbs Ave Ne Atlanta, Ga 30312
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 Marcus Acosta
Hello Wanderers!! These are challenging times. So many struggle just to survive, not just continents away, but in our own backyards as well. They are desperately seeking the most basic things in Life that we can so easily take for granted. Can you imagine not knowing where your next meal will come from? To not have proper clothing? To rarely if ever be able to shower or brush your teeth? To sleep outside, because you have no Home? -I personally cannot imagine any of that, but this is a sad reality for countless people living on the streets. Questions: Do you want to Help people? Do you want to make a difference in the community? If you answered YES to either of those questions then we have an Amazing opportunity for YOU!! Wandering to Nourish Atlanta is an organization that focuses on helping the Homeless. We have events every month, and our Goal is to give volunteers an in depth serving experience unlike any other. We believe in compassion, community, and most importantly we believe in CHANGE. Change in the self, the community, and eventually the world. We invite you all to our 29th WANDER. On April 12th we will meet at the MLK National Historic site, load our packs with Donations, and then walk the streets of Atlanta to distribute everything to all the Homeless people we encounter. That sounds Awesome right?? The truth is this event is so much more, because every person we meet gives us the opportunity to shake hands, ask names, hear stories, lift up & encourage, and ultimately try to bring HOPE to situations that may seem Hopeless. We have the opportunity to show the Homeless that they are not living in world where they have been forgotten. We have the chance to CHANGE lives!! We work solely off of Donations and would love any help with the items needed such as: Non perishable foods, Basic Hygiene products, and any items like socks or under clothing. We have a monthly BAGGING PARTY where we prep and sort all donations the Saturday before the event. Please email us any questions or to drop off Donations: WtNADonations@gmail.com. Also please don't forget to check out our website: WtNAtlanta.com! We invite you all on a Journey through the Heart of Atlanta to help those in need, to see this city with new eyes, to make a difference, and to CHANGE lives. We invite you all to WANDER!! Let's change the world TOGETHER!! Thank you all!

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