07 June
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Australia’s most cinematic rock and metal festival, Wallapalooza, is going national and hits the home town for the original at The Wallaby Hotel with a killer "free entry" line up of some of Australia's best bands. Over 30 Performers !!!! MASSIVE GLASS OCEAN HAILMARY REDHOOK DIVINE ASCENSION THESE FOUR WALLS FLANNELETTE HAMMERS AZREAL THE BLACK SWAMP SMOKING MARTHA THE WRATH MASS SKY RAID ROGUE SCHOLARS VERSUS FATE REDSTARBORN GIMPUS THE MOLOTOV SWAMP GULLY HOWLERS VEAL LOUD GOES BANG SNAKE MOUNTAIN ANDREW BAXTER SALT AND STEEL MAX AND OWEN Since launching five years ago, the Gold Coast event has become one of the most successful and long-running independent festivals in Southeast Queensland, with it's 32 band / 3 stage set-up drawing crowds in excess of 1000 people. And now, it’s taking on the East Coast with it's first ever Side Shows. The 2015 Wallapalooza Festival will hit Byron Bay Fri 5 June - The Northern (Side Show) Brisbane Sat 6 June - New Globe Theatre Gold Coast Sun 7 June - The Wallaby Hotel Melbourne Fri 12 June - The Esplanade Hotel (Side Show) Sydney - Sun 14 June - Frankie's Pizza By The Slice (Side Show) Each event promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience for punters, with festival organiser, Andy Clark, giving it the Hollywood touch. “Each show will have a different theme,” he says. “The themes will incorporate difference creative media and props and FX makeup by the team at Killer-FX” Festivalgoers are also encouraged to dress for the occasion, with themes encompassing, ‘sirens’, ‘dungeons’, ‘dragons’ and ‘pirates’.

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