Walking the Plains and Other Solo Piano Stories i-Tunes pre-release sale

 16 May
  - - -
 Louis Landon
A personal request for your support. I have a new collection of solo piano instrumentals called Walking the Plains and Other Solo Piano Stories. I believe it to be my best work yet. This music is now available as a pre-sale album on i-Tunes. What this means is that if you buy it now, you will immediately get the title track, "Walking the Plains." When the album is released on June 6th, you will receive the rest of the album. Here is the link to listen to samples and to buy the pre-sale album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/walking-plains-other-solo/id993698072 My understanding about pre-sale, is that if people purchase an album in pre-sale, it helps move the album up the charts and when it is released, it will be more visible and more available to more people. I need your help and support to get this music out into the world. Please consider supporting my music and my missions by buying Walking the Plains and Other Solo Piano Stories before June 6th as a pre-release on iTunes. Only $9.99! If you like what you hear, an album review would be great too. Thank you!! love peace happiness~ Louis

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